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At Freedom, We Say “Let’s Roll”.

Dealer Portal Now Available

Dealers can now access a private section of our website to receive a quote on custom trailers. You can also find the application to become a dealer on the Dealer Portal page.

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Over 79,000 Trailers Built!

At Freedom Trailers, we are known for quality and efficiency. What takes most companies over 6 months to build, we are able to complete “from frame to finish” in a matter of days. We also specialize in option trailers and offer the most extensive list of custom options in our area.

Find A Dealer Near You

Freedom Trailers enclosed cargo trailers are sold to dealers only. We do not sell to the general public. Our dealers are predominantly located throughout the Eastern United States. However, we do have dealers in other states, including Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

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Quality Workmanship Is At Our Core

Did you know that we can build a gooseneck trailer in as little as 3 days? At Freedom Trailers, we build over 20 trailers a day and specialize in option trailers. We have one of the largest option departments in the industry and can build a concession trailer in 7-21 days. Driven by our passion to empower small businesses to succeed, we love passing one of our trailers on the road or hearing stories about our trailers from our customers.

Let's Build Something Together


I have purchased several hundred Freedom Trailers as a licensed dealer over the last 6 years with less than 10 major warranty claims. Freedom builds the best trailers for the money and no one can match them on high dollar mobile concession or BBQ Porch Trailers.

Hubert Smith★★★★★

I purchased a 40' enclosed goose neck trailer with AC. It has worked very nicely for the last 7 months. The people were very nice and I am satisfied with the workmanship. I would absolutely buy another Freedom Trailer.

Tom Oswalt★★★★★

Purchased a new 24" enclosed in 2013, has been flawless other than an issue with the hinge used on the rear door extension. Receive compliments almost every time someone walks in and looks at it no issues with quality whatsoever.

Daryl Barrett★★★★★